18 Aralık 2017 Pazartesi

Intruder Alert! (Whoops! Wrong Intruder)

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 18 December 2017)

garden gate ile ilgili görsel sonucu
    Nothing bad could ever happen here, right?

In Manisa's Ahmetli district, farmer İ.K. (46), thinking that his daughter's
boyfriend was trying to force open the garden door, mistakenly shot and
killed his wife, Azize K. (43).  The incident occurred at 0630 in the morning
in the Alahıdır quarter. 

İ.K. was in his garden at the time when he noticed that someone was
trying to force open the iron garden door.    İ.K. thought it was his daughter's
boyfriend so he fired a shot at the door with his revolver.  However, hearing
his daughter's screams, İ. K. opened the garden door and found his wife
Azize in a pool of blood.  She was taken to a hospital but succumbed to her
wounds.  The Gendarmerie took İ.K. into custody.

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17 Aralık 2017 Pazar

Got Milk? It's At the Coffeehouse

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(Aydınlık Newspaper, 17 December 2017)

Köy kahvesinde kış geceleri süt içiliyor
Real men kill time at the coffeehouse over milk.

Villagers going to the coffeehouse in Karacören village in Sandıklı
district of Afyonkarahisar province, are drinking milk instead of  tea
or coffee.  Each night between 5-15 liters of fresh milk are consumed
at the coffeehouse.

Tayfun Şeker (45) and his nephew Ümit Şeker (25) run the only
coffeehouse in Karacören, which is two kilometers from Sandıklı.
The Şeker's opened their coffeehouse two years ago and sell the milk
they get from their own cows each night between 20-2300 hours.
Depending on the crowd on any given night, milk sales can fluctuate
between 5 and 15 liters.  Customers come not only from Karacören
but from Sandıklı and surrounding villagers, as well.

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Cement Mixer Mayhem

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 17 December 2017)

‘Bu kaza değil cinayete teşebbüs’
                Disproportionate use of force.

In Istanbul, on 3 December at around 1630, at the road juncture that
connects the Dudullu Organized Industrial Area to Ataşehir, the driver
of a cement mixer with plate number 34 KM 7296 got into a right-of-
way argument with car driver Emre Bağcı.  The truck driver hit Bağcı
with a baseball bat, got back behind the wheel of his mixer and crashed
into Bağcı's car 4 times, while Bağcı's pregnant wife was in the car (!).
Miraculously, both Bağcı and his wife were unhurt.  After giving a
statement at the police station the truck driver was released.

Bağcı related the incident as follows: "I signaled to the cement mixer
driver that he was going too fast, to which he responded 'the road is
mine!'  I said that's not the point. You're driving too fast and my
pregnant wife got scared.  I wanted to just go on my way but he
drove his truck in front of my car.  I got out and said 'What are you
doing?! Are you going to kill us?!'  Then he said 'Didn't I tell you that
the road is mine?!'  I opened his truck's door and he hit me with a bat
a number of times.  Somehow, I dragged him out of his truck and
punched him.  Passersby then broke up the fight."

emre bağcı dudullu mikser ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Emre bey, soon-to-be father of twins, in post-mayhem pose.

"The truck driver got back in his truck and backed up. I thought he
was fleeing the scene but instead he drove his truck into my car.  I
jumped in front of my car but that didn't deter him.  While my wife
was in the car he backed up and crashed into my car twice.  I got my
wife out of the car and he crashed into it twice more with a smirk on
his face.  The police came and my wife was taken to the hospital in
an ambulance because her blood pressure dropped."

"The guy tried to kill me, my wife and my unborn twins. Meanwhile,
at the hospital I learned that my car had been towed so I went to the
lot to fetch it along with the police.  I showed them the video of the
incident and the police decided to change their report from a
traffic accident to a crime.  Nevertheless, at the police station the
truck driver wouldn't give his name.  I called his employer Akbeton
but they were non-committal."

Subsequently, Akbeton confirmed that the truck driver has been fired.

dudullu haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Green arrow gives the approximate site of the mayhem.

16 Aralık 2017 Cumartesi

Turks Study Micro-Worm for Immortality's Secret

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 16 December 2017)

ölümsüz canlıyı inceliyor ahmet altındağ ile ilgili görsel sonucu
                            I've got a secret.

A team headed by Prof. Ahmet Altındağ at Ankara University is
trying to solve the secret of a microscopic creature called "suayısı
tardigrada", which seems to be essentially immortal and can even
live in space.

The 1.5-millimeter creatures are thought to be so enduring that
even if all other living things expired they would still live for
another 10 billion years.  Dr. Altındağ explained that "this is a
long-term project that requires meticulous effort.  The research
is being done in Düzce and Zonguldak.  We're trying to figure out
how the tardigradas can be so enduring.  In the end, the genes may
be transferred to humans and extend human life.  NASA has sent
tardigradas into space but they were able to live there, too.  In fact,
the females gave birth in space and the offspring were healthy.  The
number of cells that a tardigrada is born with remains the same

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Donkeys Retire from Garbage Duty in Mardin

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(Aydınlık Newspaper, 16 December 2017)

donkey news see previous TNT reporting on donkey-related 

kadrolu eşekler emekliye ayrıldı ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Employees ready for work!...after they've had their morning 
coffee, of course.

In Mardin, because the streets are narrow and steep, 43 "employee"
donkeys are used to collect garbage.  Now, three of the donkeys
have surpassed the 8-year work period and have been retired, complete
with a send-off ceremony. 

The donkeys, official employees of the Artuklu municipality, work
between 6-11 each morning, transporting refuse.  After duty, the
donkeys listen to the music of Bach, Mozart and Beethoven in their
stable (!).  The three retirees - named 'Cari', 'Dara' and 'Reşo' - had
the ribbons tied to their saddles cut, signifying their retirement, and
were offered a tray filled with fruit and vegetables.

kadrolu eşekler emekliye ayrıldı ile ilgili görsel sonucu
                "Who wants a gold watch?"

Municipal officials explained that the donkeys work in 23 different
neighborhood and are checked by a veterinarian weekly.  The
retiring donkeys will live out their days in a separate stable, under
the supervision of veteranarians.

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Job Prospects in the Toilet

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 16 December 2017)

aşkı için wc uğur birer ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Actually, it's the other way. That's really why he got fired.

Uğur Birer (25) graduated from the nursing faculty at Osmangazi
University but when he couldn't find a job he took a position (!)
in Eskişehir directing people to the public toilet.  Birer's girlfriend
Cansu Yaşar (21) is currently in her final year at the same university
faculty and he took the job holding the "WC-Şadırvan" (public toilet
-ablution faucets) for 50 TL per day (about $15) so he would have
money to take Cansu hanım out on dates.

The young girl explained that "he's doing a job like this for me. I
love him very much."  However, when Birer's situation made the
news, the municipality frowned on the bad publicity and Birer
was let go.  Nevertheless, Birer says that he did not regret taking
the job, noting that "I would have done the job for 20 years for
love of Cansu.  But today is my last day of work."

aşkı için wc uğur birer ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Finally got the direction right, but it was too late...

15 Aralık 2017 Cuma

Yet Another Emine Hanım Mesmerizes Her Men

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 15 December 2017)
samanlık cinayetinden yasak aşk çıktı ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Bewitched: Emine's seem to be Turkey's 'Samantha'

emine again  see this recent TNT report for another 
Emine hanım's male manipulations.

In Afyonkarahisar, the Gendarmerie was called in response to a
fire in a hayloft, where they found a man's body chained to a stake.
The man was identified as Ali Çaputçu (30) and his wife Emine
was taken into custody, along with 6 other people. 

While 4 of the 6 were released, Emine and Halil İbrahim
Karataş were arrested.  In her statement to the Gendarmerie, Emine
hanım explained that on the night of the incident her husband went
to a coffee shop, while she stayed at home.  A pebble thrown on
her window prompted Emine hanım to "go downstairs, where I
saw Halil.  I asked him why he had come and he tried to kiss
me.  Then he picked me up and took me to a room next to the
hayloft.  At that point, my husband came and cursed us.  Halil
put a rope around my husband's neck and then tied him to
a stake in the hayloft.  I went back upstairs and fell asleep (!),
noticing the fire in the morning."

As for Karataş., he claimed to have been at home at the time
of the incident and refuted Emine hanım's assertions.  Emine
hanım was released and Halil İ.K. was arrested.

afyonkarahisar haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu