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Cuban Dancers Reluctant Bar Girls in Ankara

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 1 June 2017)

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 Dragana J. (or a look-alike) and his dancers, in happier days.

40 Cuban girls, who make a living by dancing in their home country,
got in touch with a management agency in Macedonia.  The agency
claimed to have booked engagements for the dancers fırst in Istanbul
and then in Ankara.  The agency's owner, Macedonian citizen Dragana J.,
began to stay with the dancers at a hotel in Ulus, Ankara.

Soon afterwards, the dancers found themselves working at night clubs
as bar girls, as arranged by Dragana J.  The girls objected but were
essentially  imprisoned in the hotel during non-working hours and
Dragana J. took their passports away, as well.

After two months in the hotel, one of the girls fled to the Cuban Embassy
to relate her and her friends' nightmare.  The embassy contacted the
Turkish Foreign Ministry, which then alerted the police to the situation.
A subsequent police raid of the hotel freed the girls and Dragana J. was
taken into custody.

The Cuban dancers have returned to their country.  Meanwhile, in court,
Dragana J. refuted the charges against him and his lawyer claimed that
no laws had been broken.  Nevertheless, Dragana J. was sent to Sincan
Prison for the crime of "human trafficking".

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