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Unscheduled Stop: Tram Waits As Man Prays

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 2 June 2017)

İzmir'de tramvay, yol üzerinde namaz kılan adamı bekledi
Like the Tianamen Square picture, but context a bit nicer.

In Karşıyaka, Izmir, a person stopped his minibus on the side of the road
where a tramway runs and got out to pray.  Approaching the man's make-shift
prayer site was a tram driven by machinist Aysu Tuna.  She stopped her tram
to wait for the minibus driver to finish praying.  The scene was recorded by
a citizen across the street on his balcony.

Image result for tramvay yolunda namaz kıldı
      Tram driver of the year honors in the bag.

Once the man finished praying he got up quickly and gestured a 'thank you'
to Aysu hanım and the tram's passengers.  Relating the incident, Aysu
hanım said "the passengers weren't upset at all. They were all very
understanding.  Normally, I would have honked my horn but since he was
praying I didn't want to disturb him."

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